Bund Lining


Bund Lining provides the best containment remedy. A Bund is a containment box that is more specialised than the shallower resin coated plant room floor systems. Bunds are dedicated to containment on a larger scale and favoured by the utility companies that need to manage large oil and chemical tanks and need to protect their public image.

Systems include chemically resistant epoxy coatings and other resin based coatings, together with repair and priming products suitable for application to damp surfaces or to bridge and seal cracks.

Seepage of oils, solvents, acids and other chemicals is dangerous. The environment agency is now introducing much tougher legislation that carries severe penalties, especially where this relates to oil seepage into the ground.

The Environment Agency states that: "secondary containment must prevent oil and pollutants escaping. Companies must implement measures to minimise the risk of pollution if leaks should occur. Apart from environmental and H&S issues, these substances attack the long term structural integrity of buildings.

Cemplas works with national utilities and satisfies the extremely stringent conditions required as a Member of the Utilities Vendor Database.

This includes a full site inspection and specification providing all the necessary details and specialist materials to seal joints, repair and protect all types of containment areas - both concrete and steel.

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