Car Park Waterproofing

Health and safety legislation relating to the operation and maintenance of multi-story car parks has significantly changed in recent times. Cemplas works with owners to ensure their facilities are safe and secure and comply with the requirements of the Health & Safety Executive.

Problems with older car parks can result from poor design or inadequate maintenance. The aggressive atmospheres of cities and normal exposure to weather over many years will accelerate the corrosion of steel reinforcements Water ingress along with oil and chemical attack from vehicles damages the concrete fabric.

Cemplas will reliably and accurately identify problems and recommend the most appropriate structural waterproofing treatments and concrete repairs. Car park repair and maintenance need not be a cost. By extending the life of car parks in excess of 10 or 15 years Cemplas turns them into investments for private car park owners and profit boosting businesses for multi-story car park operators. Where revenue generation is a priority, Cemplas can offer high speed repairs and the latest fast drying resins to enable car parks to open within a couple of hours on completion of the work.

Car Park Decking and intermediate decks
The top deck is most exposed to damage and this can result in leaks to the lower decks and so requires the most effective waterproofing. Cemplas offers a portfolio of solutions with lower cost surfacing for the intermediate decks. Car parks can be operating again within four hours of applying the latest rapid drying, anti-skid resin coatings.

Improve visual appearance and usage
Cemplas range of solutions can also enhance the visual appearance and improve the efficient usage of car parks by introducing colours that are more attractive than black asphalt and grey concrete. Colours can introduce demarcation zones for parking and no-parking, visitors, delivery, private parking, refuge collection and other activities. Cemplas is also able to provide these surfaces in corporate colours.

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