Cemplas News Archive 2009

Happy Birthday Cemplas!

Cemplas staff showing their delight at toasting this landmark year for Cemplas on Tuesday 6th October, 40 years to the actual date of the company’s inauguration (the day we were born).

Cemplas enter a 5-a-side team in support of the Lighthouse Club Benevolent Fund.

Currently celebrating their 40th Anniversary, Cemplas were delighted to offer their support for The Lighthouse Club Benevolent Fund which is a registered charity who are regarded with respect and affection throughout every branch of the construction industry for their dedication to giving aid and assistance to construction workers and their families who suffer accident or ill health.

He shoots, he scores!

Paul Stacey Class A League Winner of the B T Shawlands C.P.S.C. This is the second time Paul has won the BT Shawlands A Class, and has in recent years won both the C class, and B Class. Paul has been a member of Shawlands for over 10 years, and has now been promoted up to the AA class league.

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