Hatfield Swim Centre

Hatfield Swim Centre

Client: Hatfield Swim Centre
Role: Principal Contractor


  • Stainless Steel Reinforcement Replacement
  • Replace Fixing Bolts
  • Resin Anchor Fixings


  • Removal of all defective concrete
  • Clean and coat embedded steel reinforcement with Fosroc Nitoprime
  • Repaint structure

Having previously undertaken extensive repairs and coating to the Crystal Palace Olympic Diving Board for the 2012 London Olympic Games, Cemplas Waterproofing and Concrete Repairs Ltd were the ideal contractor appointed to undertake remedial repairs and reinstate the diving board at the Hatfield swim centre back to its former glory.

Hatfield Swim Centre

A detailed survey together with the removal of all defective concrete by Cemplas revealed very high levels of chloride contamination which had attacked the boards embedded steel reinforcement resulting in spalling of the concrete structure. A scaffold was erected to fully enclose the diving board, and a further survey was undertaken to identify the extent of concrete repairs required.

It was agreed with the client that Cemplas would clean and coat the embedded steel reinforcement with Fosroc Nitoprime that was deemed OK to leave in place, and the steel reinforcement that couldn’t be saved was removed and replaced with stainless steel reinforcement to prevent future chloride attack.

Once the defective concrete had been broken out, it became clear the main cause for the decay of the structure was due to the fixing bolts of the diving board and safety handrail. To prevent the same problem happening again, the fixing bolts of the diving board were removed and re-fixed using a resin grout which would prevent water penetrating down through the bolts and into the structure. The handrail bolts which fell within the concrete repair areas were also removed and replaced with resin anchor fixings. The remaining handrail bolts were checked to ensure they weren’t allowing water to pass through into the structure.

Following all remedial repairs the structure was prepared and repainted and the board remained closed until the repair mortars had reached their full curing strength, at which time Cemplas operatives returned to site to re-tighten all the handrail bolts before the board could be deemed fully safe and once more opened up to the paying public.

Upon completion of the works Chris Page (the coach of the diving club) who was also the only Great Britain judge judging the diving in the 2012 Olympics was delighted and highly impressed with the work undertaken by Cemplas.

Our focus at Cemplas is to exceed our client’s expectations and engender confidence and respect for our people and our skills by acting honestly, fairly and truthfully.

Hatfield Swim Centre
Hatfield Swim Centre
Hatfield Swim Centre