Northminster MSCP

Northminster Car Park

Client: Peterborough Council
Role: Secondary Contractor


  • Concrete Repairs
  • Brick Wall Ties
  • Car Park Surface Repair and Coating


  • External concrete beam face repair
  • Concrete soffit repair
  • Sika Proto surface coating applied to top deck
  • 10,000 new Helifix Rectrotie brick ties applied to parapet walls

Working as the principle main contractor for Peterborough Council, Cemplas Waterproofing and Concrete Repairs Ltd were appointed to undertake a range of remedial work which included concrete repairs, brick wall ties, and car park surface repair and coating.

Northminster Car Park

Works commenced with the erection of scaffold to all elevations, and Concrete Repairs were carried out using  Sika Monotop 610. The external concrete beam face and concrete soffits were repaired with  Sika Monotop 615, & Sika Set 45 Rapid Concrete Repair Mortar was used on the concrete floor slabs. Isolated areas to the existing top deck coating were removed, and Sika Proto surface coating applied.

Following a survey to test the structural integrity of the parapet walls, Cemplas operatives were tasked with Installing in excess of 10,000 new

Helifix Rectrotie brick ties to the parapet walls on all the car park levels. Dust extraction units were fitted, clearance holes were drilled through outer skin of brickwork ensuring the hole is in the solid part of the brick. This was followed by pilot holes drilled into the inner leaf, a retro tie was then placed into the support tool, positioned and filled with resin.

Following the installation all ties were tested to establish that the required pull out strength was achieved, and once passed by the Councils contract administrator, the drill holes were filled using Easipoint plug which was colour matched to the existing bricks, and finished flush to the brick face.

Cemplas have been refurbishing Multi-storey car parks since they were formed in 1969, and are fully conversant working in environments where careful consideration has to be adopted for working amongst members of public  where risk assessments and appropriate warning signage are always installed prior to any works commencing.

Northminster Car Park
Northminster Car Park
Northminster Car Park