Olympia Exhibition Hall Façade

Olympia Facade

Client: Olympia
Role: Secondary Contractor
Consultant: Collado Collins Architects


  • Concrete Repairs
  • Re-rendering
  • Re-profiling Fairing/Levelling Coats
  • Elastoflex Façade Coating


  • £300,000 contract
  • 2000m2 frontage – Olympia’s Hammersmith Road façade elevation
  • Removal of old coatings
  • Hammer-testing concrete
  • Repairs were to existing concrete cladding panels
  • Priming and coating
  • Repairs and coatings to canopy roof

When the façade of the iconic Olympia exhibition centre and conference centre in West Kensington required attention, Cemplas Waterproofing and Concrete Repairs Ltd who have a long-standing relationship with the management of Olympia were approached and introduced to Collado Collins Architects and requested to assist in the process of formulating a specification for the renovation of the entire 2000m2 frontage of Olympia’s Hammersmith Road façade elevation.

Olympia Facade

Ellmer Construction who are part of the Byrne Group were appointed as the principle Contractor, and Cemplas were awarded the £300,000 contract to undertake the specialist facade repair works.

Prior to commencement of works, Cemplas carried out a series of samples using products from various manufacturers with the Remmers system ultimately being selected.

Works by Cemplas commenced by removal of the existing coating which had failed and was delaminating. Coatings were removed using DOFF, and Tensid Tavec 201 biodegradable coating removal system. This was followed by hammer-testing the concrete and reconstituted stone substrate to establish the extent of remedial repairs required.

All joints to the stonework were raked out and re-instated with a Geocel sealant. Repairs were carried out to the existing concrete cladding panels covering the building frame using Remmers Betofix RM Mortar. Isolated areas of the façade were treated using Remmers Elasto-flex façade fine filler and fairing coat, including re-scribing Ashlar lines.

Priming and coating were carried out with Remmers Elastoflex façade coating.  In addition to the façade works Cemplas also carried out repairs and coatings to the canopy roof, and undertook the weathering details to the upper roof by applying Sika’s Liquid Plastics Decothane Roofing Membrane.

The client and architect were extremely pleased with the work carried out by Cemplas which has resulted in Collado Collins Architects seeking the advice of Cemplas on several future high profile projects.

Cemplas Waterproofing and Concrete Repairs Ltd are one of the top specialist contractors based in the UK, and have considerable flexibility in meeting the demands of large projects by managing our resource capacity across the whole company.

Olympia Facade