Elmsleigh Shopping Centre, Service Deck

Client: Elmsleigh Shopping Centre
Role: Principal Contractor


  • Asphalt Repairs
  • Movement Joints
  • Asphalt Deck Overlay


  • Service deck over occupied retail units
  • 80 LinM of movement joints replaced
  • 730m2 of Sika RB58 deck waterproofing applied
  • Linemarking and directional instructions reinstated

The scope of this project was to repair and re-waterproof the damaged (impact by HGV’s etc) asphalt and the failed movement joints to the service deck which was allowing water ingress into the shopping centre below.

Before: Worn & Damaged Asphalt

Before: Failed Movement Joint

Before: Tired Asphalt Surfacing

The existing failed movement joint was broken out with the surrounding split asphalt also removed. New joint supports were reconstructed to ensure the new Emseal SJS coverplate movement joint would be watertight. Once installed, the asphalt and waterproofing system were reinstated.

The surface of the service deck was prepared through planeing off circa 5mm and captive blasting. Damage to the asphalt was then repaired prior to the application of Sika’s fully reinforced and rapid-curing RB58 deck waterproofing system. Once re-waterproofed, all line marking and directorial arrows and instructions were reinstated.

All works were carried out over a 10-week programme with phased possessions to minimise inconvenience to the service and delivery vehicles using the service deck.

After: Asphalt Re-waterproofed

After: Structural Coverplate Movement Joint

After: Asphalt Re-waterproofed (Overlaid In-Situ)