The Cemplas Service concept ensures early engagement wherever practicable to start to assist with project concepts and designs as early on in the project’s development pathway as possible. Though we leave the actual design down to a project’s design professionals – the Architect, Structural Engineer or Building Surveyor, we can assist in a variety of ways through continual collaboration with our supply chain.

Wherever possible, we embrace best practise and knowledge share with as many of our clients as possible – both new & existing – and who have often come to rely on our knowledge & expertise.

Site Visits

We will carry out an initial site survey to enable us to put together observational reports and recommendations for appropriate remedial solutions.

Condition Surveys

We can carry out various tests such as concrete condition testing to aid an understanding of both the structure and its problems with a view to advising on any necessary remedial measures.


We will help you draw up a sequence of works based on the requirements of the project outlining the solution(s) to the problems identified. If needs be, we can introduce you to a range of professionals such as materials manufacturers and other specialist third parties who have technical knowledge and expertise to assist with a project and put together a schedule of works and relevant specification(s).

Budget Costs

Reliable budgets are derived from significant experience of the various structural refurbishment techniques and accurate costings are an essential part of the structure refurbishment process, based on as much accurate and reliable information as possible. Budgets for concrete repair and refurbishment can be based on our significant experience in assessing concrete repair volumes combined with the CRA (Concrete Repair Association) Standard Method of Measurement.

Quality Advice

Cemplas invests in a well-equipped and trained workforce and this is one reason why it holds ‘Investors In People’ Accreditation. As outlined above, we provide complete solutions from the initial survey followed up with written observations & recommendations on the systems and method statements, specifications and detailed estimates. We only install the correct technical solutions & systems that are worthy of long-term guarantees, which can be insurance-backed if required.