Podium Waterproofing

Podium Waterproofing

Many contemporary buildings today incorporate landscaped basements and roofs commonly known as plazas or podiums. The basement can vary from habitable space to car parking, however, whatever the usage, it is vital the correct waterproofing system is selected when waterproofing the Podium Deck.

There are many considerations to take in to account including deck movement, differential movement, drainage, waterproofing continuity at expansion joints, drainage outlets, landscaping, and most important what is below the deck.

Systems Examples

1. High density polyethylene profiled sheets incorporating permeable geocomposite drainage/irrigation sheets designed to prevent ground water reaching a structure and enhance the performance of the waterproof membranes. These can be used in conjunction with a primary waterproofing system or on their own to isolate the structure from the surrounding soil and relieve hydrostatic pressure by promoting the flow of ground water away from the face of the structure to land drainage.

2. Two coat, solvent free liquid applied waterproof coatings based on polyurethane technology, or two-component, synthetic rubber technology which can be either by spray applied, or applied by roller. These type of product are cured by drawing moisture from the air to form a highly flexible but durable barrier to water and water vapour, and will accommodate minor structural movements.

3. Hot melt liquid bituminous rubber blend structural waterproofing system with an inter laid reinforcement can be used in roof and podium deck applications to provide a seamless waterproofing membrane for high green roofs and podiums, and are sometimes specified for winter applications as they able to be laid at low temperatures.

Ancillary Products:

Ancillary products may also be used depending upon the project, and specified product, and may include the following.

  • Spray grades for vertical and horizontal surfaces.
  • Trowelling grades for horizontal surfaces and upstands up to 300 mm high.
  • High strength reinforcing fabric.
  • Unbonded Protection Boards
  • Tapes for joints in protection boards.
  • Root Barriers