Haymarket MSCP

Haymarket MSCP

Client: Seddon Construction
Role: Specialist Sub-Contractor


  • Concrete Repair
  • Drainage
  • Deck Waterproofing
  • Anti-Carbonation Coatings


  • 15,000m2 of deck waterproofing
  • 400 LinM of drainage channels and expansion joints
  • 12,000m2 of anti-carbonation coatings to the soffits and columns

Contract Value

  • Circa £1.5m

The scope of this refurbishment was to carry out concrete repairs and re-waterproof the parking decks throughout the two-storey parking structure situated over a shopping centre.

Haymarket MSCP

Before: Existing Waterproofing Beyond Service Life

Haymarket MSCP

Before: Drainage Issues

Haymarket MSCP

Before: Ponding Issues

The waterproofing to both decks were removed back to the structural topping which was repaired with a concrete repair system once exposed. The expansion joints were overhauled and the entire upper deck drainage was replaced – including 200 LinM of ACO channels. The decks were re-waterproofed using Sika’s RB58 deck waterproofing system with a new colour scheme and parking bay layout to significantly enhance the appearance of the aging car park.

The intermediate level directly above the retail units themselves had an existing asphalt surface, required repairs and re-waterproofing to prevent water ingress.

Concrete repairs were carried out to the exposed internal RC frame and anti-carbonation coatings applied to protect and extend the life of the structure.

The entire car park refurbishment was delivered whilst the car park remained open for business and being delivered within the project timescales and budget.

Haymarket MSCP

After: Deck Waterproofing Replaced

After: Tactile Paving for Pedestrians 

Haymarket MSCP

After: Ponding and Drainage Issues Resolved