London Road, Redhill

Client: AKSWard
Role: Principal Contractor


  • Rendering Repair & Redecoration
    Concrete Coping Stones Removal & Reinstatement
  • Crack Stitch Repairs
  • Movement Joints
  • Re-Waterproofing Terrace Bay Windows
  • Replacement Bird Control Measures


  • Occupied office building
  • Testing & Investigation surveys undertaken
    Parapet walls brick stitched and damaged bricks replaced like for like
  • Renovation of terrace window bays including mastic

The scope of this refurbishment was to revive the cracked and aged façade while ensuring this 3 storey building was structurally secure and watertight.

Before: Cracked Façade

Before: Ponding Water To Terrace Bays

Before: Aged Façade

Following a condition survey, it was noted that the concrete coping stones were loose due to crumbling mortar bedding with the parapet walls showing signs of structural movement. The corner of the building’s brickwork were in poor condition and the mortar joints were badly damaged due to long-term weathering. The terraced bay windows were showing issues with ponding water and vegetation growing, allowing a potential water ingress issue.

To counter the structural movement, seven new movement joints were created and installed to the external and internal face of the wall, measuring roughly 1.7LM each, strengthening the walls and allowing the eleven bay windows to be safely waterproofed. All of the coping stones were removed for the installation of PVC cavity closers and a 300mm wide polythene damp proof course embedded into the fresh mortar before the stones could be reinstated or replaced with like for like.

The window facades and lintels were cleaned and repaired while crack stitch repairs were completed to secure the brickwork in place. The corner of the building which was in poor condition required the removal and replacement of some 140 rustic blue bricks due to spalling.

Included in our package of works was the replacement of bird control measure and new lead work. As Principal Contractor, our team managed at least 7 contractors including scaffolders to deliver this project with a very broad range of repairs.

After: Repaired & Renewed Façade

After: Watertight Terrace Bays

After: Light & Bright Façade Improvements