Resin-Bonded Floors

Resin Bonded Floors

Client: Various
Role: Main Contractor


  • Resin Bound Aggregate


  • System fully meets SuDS requirements
  • Will allow water to drain through to base and
    reduce water ponding
  • Typical areas of use for Resin Bonded and Resin Bound systems are:
    – Driveways
    – Ramps
    – Paths
    – Large landscaping areas
    – Balconies
    – Roof gardens
    – Roads
    – Patios
    – Podium decks
    – Car parks
    – General public areas

Formed in 1969, Cemplas Waterproofing and Concrete Repairs Limited have been established for over 40 years, and have an enviable reputation in the specialist construction industry using their multidiscipline knowledge and technical expertise to problem-solving, and developing the best strategies to deliver cost effective solutions to new repair and renovation projects.

Resin Bonded Floors

Due to the current planning requirements, SuDS (Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems) new and existing projects require a system to be used which is designed to meet these requirements to reduce the potential of flooding on urban developments.

A Resin Bound Aggregate system fully meets SuDS requirements, and is a decorative, functional seamless surface designed to reduce the potential of flooding on urban developments.

The open matrix of the Resin Bound System will allow water to drain through to the base, and reduce water ponding, in turn this action will naturally feed any surrounding planted areas and trees.

A Resin Bonded Aggregate system is used to create a decorative finish with the look of a natural aggregate surface without loose gravel, providing non-slip, durable, hardwearing and low maintenance surface.

The typical areas of use for Resin Bonded, and Resin Bound systems are driveways, ramps, paths, large landscaping areas, balconies, roof gardens, roads, patios, podium decks, car parks and general public areas, to create an aesthetically pleasing appearance which is achieved by using a range of different colours and aggregate sizes.

The Resin Bonded, and Resin Bound systems can also incorporate a waterproof membrane for use in suspended structures such as balconies and podium decks, and also Resin Bound Tree Pit System which is also decorative, but designed to be highly porous, allowing the tree to feed, and help to reduces the build up of litter and mess.

Cemplas operates along ethical principles and environmentally friendly processes seeking to minimise the impact of its work on others. Health and Safety are treated seriously and the company seeks to ensure everyone is appropriately trained, and equipped.