Rockingham Road, Corby

Client: Corby Borough Council
Role: Principal Contractor


  • Corrosion Control
    Drainage Repairs
    Brickwork Remedials
    Surface Re-Waterproofing


  • Demolition and replacement of brick walls
    Corrosion control to soffits and balustrade painting
    1,000m2 (liquid-applied) walkway surfacing
    Replacement steps

The scope of this refurbishment was to add longevity to the life of the structure while working to resolve historic leaks through the failed walkway waterproofing into drying areas below.

Before: Damaged & Closed-Off Balconies

Before: Staircase In Poor State Of Disrepair

Before: Rotten Timber Fencing

Water was getting in to the building via cracks in the existing asphalt surfaces. Prior to re-waterproofing the walkways, all rotten timber fencing had to be replaced along with replacement cast iron drainage outlets installed to help resolve water ponding.

Some 1,000m2 of walkways were waterproofed using Sikalastic Trafficable Rapid system. The staircase walls were also in poor condition and badly damaged due to long-term weathering. The walls were reconstructed and rebuilt within 10 days. Following this, a slip resistant surface was applied to all steps for enhanced safety.

Included in our package of works was the application of Sika’s concrete repair mortars and protective, anti-carbonations coatings to the soffits. A black marine-grade paint was also applied to the steel balustrades for long-term protection.

After: Now Watertight & Reopened Balconies

After: Staircase Walls Replaced

After: Timber Fencing Replaced With New