Swansgate Shopping Centre MSCP


Client: Morgan Sindall
Role: Specialist Sub-Contractor


  • Concrete Repair
  • Corrosion Management (MCI & Anodes)
  • Movement Joints
  • Anti-Carbonation Coatings
  • Deck Waterproofing


  • 936 parking spaces
  • >150m3 of repair mortar used
  • >28,000 galvanic anodes installed
  • >25,000m2 of deck waterproofing (over ten split levels)
  • >30,000m2 of protective anti-carbonation coatings to soffits, columns & walls
  • Overall value c. £5m
  • 39-week programme

Prior to being comprehensively refurbished, Swansgate had a progressively worsening condition after many years of lack of maintenance across all 10 levels of this split level MSCP.

Swansgate Before 1

Before: Existing Top Decks & Parapets

Swansgate Before 2

Before: Damaged Internal Ramps

Swansgate Before 3

Before: Dark & Unwelcoming Parking Environment

Detailed concrete testing including half-cell mapping and chloride content validation culminated in the design and installation of a complex corrosion management solution. In excess of 150m3 of defective concrete was removed and reinstated incorporating galvanic anodes across all levels prior to re-waterproofing of the parking decks.

The existing failed movement joints were replaced using Radflex’s S200 structural movement joint system followed by re-waterproofing of ALL decks using a combination of Sika’s RB58 deck waterproofing system (top exposed levels) and EB14 system (intermediate levels). All works INCLUDING out of hours – were phased to ensure minimal disruption for the car park’s users that had to remain in use for the entire 39-week programme.

Swansgate After 1

After: Fully Rejuvenated Decks & Parapets

Swansgate After 2

After: Refurbished Ramps

Swansgate After 3

After: Light & Bright Interior Improvements