Thamesgate Shopping Centre, Gravesend


Client: Workman LLP
Role: Principal Contractor


  • Concrete Repair
    Crack Resin Injection
    Drainage Re-lining
    Movement Joint
    Brickwork Repairs
    Redecoration To Metalwork
    Deck Waterproofing


Shopping centre car park
Extensive concrete repairs to all concrete surfaces
Soffits, columns & walls protected with anti-carbonation coatings totalling some 11,000m2
Movement joint replacement spanning the entire top deck
2,500m2 of deck waterproofing to the top decks, exposed annexes & perimeters of the internal decks

The scope of this refurbishment was to repair and waterproof the uncoated top deck and exposed annexes of the lower levels which were suffering from considerable spalling concrete.

Thamesgate shopping centre

Before: Dark & Unwelcoming Environment

Thamesgate shopping centre

Before: Decks & Columns Unprotected

Thamesgate shopping centre

Before: Ponding Water Due To Prevailing Winds

The internal decks were suffering from ponding issues around the perimeters where driving rain was entering the car park over the parapet walls due to prevailing winds coming from the River Thames. New drainage channels were created to maintain the water run-off and cease the ponding water issues. Selected drainage down pipes had historic leaks and required a waterproof lining to be applied to ensure they were impermeable.

Extensive concrete repairs were carried out throughout the entire 6-story car park to the soffits, columns, parapets and decking; a variety of techniques were used including resin injection. Once all repairs were completed, 11,000m2 of anti-carbonation coatings were applied to help protect the newly repaired concrete in the future.

The existing movement joint on the top deck had come to the end of its serviceable life and was leaking into the lower levels, this was broken out and a new Radflex movement joint was installed with the surrounding concrete reinstated.

Following these works, the top deck, annexes and perimeters of the lower levels were prepared to remove any contaminates or imperfections and were levelled off, before using Sika’s partially reinforced RB28 deck waterproofing system – which has crack-bridging, traffickable and slip-resistant properties – was applied to ensure that the areas were made watertight.

Also included in our package of works was brickwork repairs, the replacement of the sealant on the deck and parapet joints as well as the redecoration and protection of the metal surfaces.

All works were carried over an 11-week programme with phased possessions to minimise inconvenience to the shopping centre users.

Thamesgate shopping centre

After: Light & Bright Exterior Improvements

Thamesgate shopping centre

After: Fully Protected Decks & Columns

Thamesgate shopping centre

After: Perimeters Waterproofed With New Drainage Channels