University of Essex, STEM Building

Client: Kier Construction
Role: Specialist Sub-Contractor


  • Concrete Repair
  • Structural Reinforcement & Strengthening
  • Anti-Carbonation Coatings


  • Concrete frame podium beams
  • Structural strengthening to 14LinM of beams
  • Beams & columns protected with anti-carbonation coatings

Cemplas were engaged to design and complete reinforcement and strengthening works to the concrete frame podium which links the university building and a new building structure.

Structurally Unsound Beams

Before: Structurally Unsound Beams

Beams and Columns Unprotected

Before: Beams & Columns Unprotected

Concrete Delamination

Before: Concrete Delamination 

Upon completing a non-intrusive cover meter survey and a carbonation test; it was discovered that the second beam – which would endure heavy use – required strengthening to support the loads. The results showed noteworthy corrosion to the existing footbridge while the columns demonstrated steel corrosion and delamination of the concrete. To reinforce the steel a corrosion-inhibiting protective mortar was utilized before the concrete could be repaired.

This was followed by the installation of Mapeband – a high-strength carbon fibre fabric – to the 14LinM of beams and columns to strengthen and reinforce them. A 2mm coat of Mapelastic Guard was applied to all surfaces to provide effective anti-carbonation and anti-corrosive protection to the structural elements.

Fully Protected Beams

After: Fully Protected Beams

Application of Mapeband

During: Application of Mapeband

Fully Repaired and Protected Columns

After: Fully Repaired & Protected Columns