Bristol Street Motors, Beaconsfield

The Cemplas team are now on-site at Bristol Street Motors in Beaconsfield, embarking on a transformative project to refurbish their car park!

Our dedicated team has hit the ground running, commencing with essential concrete repairs to ensure structural integrity and safety for all visitors. But that’s just the beginning!

Here’s a glimpse of what’s to come:

Resin Repairs: Enhancing durability and longevity.

Resin Banding: Adding strength and resilience to the structure.

Shotblasting Steel Beams: Preparing surfaces for optimal adhesion.

Installing & Painting New Steel Beams: Upgrading for enhanced support and stability whilst giving a fresh, vibrant look to the car park’s infrastructure.

We’re committed to delivering exceptional results that not only meet but exceed expectations. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to elevate Bristol Street Motors’ car park to new heights!