Culver Street MSCP, Salisbury

Culver Street

Client: Logic Contract Services
Role: Specialist Sub-Contractor
Consultant: Mark Lovell Design Engineers


  • Concrete Repair
    Mesh Panel Infills
    Anti-Carbonation Coatings
    Movement Joints
    Brickwork Repairs & Repointing
    Brickwork & Deck Sealants


Town centre car park
Split-level structure 2,500m² comprising two separate parking decks of decks re-waterproofed along with entrance and exit ramps
Concrete fingers protected with anti-carbonation coatings
700LM of polysulphide movement joints resealed

The scope of this refurbishment was to repair and re-waterproof the top deck and entrance/exit ramps of the split-level MSCP, carrying out concrete repairs and renewing the deck coatings which had come to the end of their serviceable life allowing water ingress into the levels below.

Culver Street

Before: Existing Failed Waterproofing System

Culver Street

Before: Decks & Columns Unprotected

Culver Street

Before: Failed Mechanical Movement Joint

The planters, which surrounded parts of the top deck, were removed due to the maintenance coats and were no longer aesthetically pleasing for the users of this car park. Once the newly exposed concrete could be examined, concrete repairs were conducted as well as to the concrete fingers which showed signs of spalling. Anti-carbonation coatings were applied to the concrete fingers to protect them in the future. New edge protection and mesh panel infills were installed for pedestrians safety, while new crash barriers were fixed on the lower levels 2 and 3.

Following on from these works, the top decks and entrance/exit ramps were prepared by and captive shot blasting to remove the existing deck coatings and any contaminants.
Sika’s partially reinforced RB28 deck waterproofing system was applied to the 2,500m² top deck in contrasting colours of light/dark grey and green which created walkways for the pedestrians to use.

Throughout all levels of this MSCP, there was a requirement for the removal and reinstatement of polysulphide movement joints using Sika Pro-3 totalling some 700LM. The entrance and exit ramps were waterproofed using Sika’s fully reinforced RB58 decking system following the replacement of a mechanical expansion joint.

The brickwork façade of this multi-storey car park required repairs and repointing with steel cleats being installed onto the brick piers to help strengthen and secure them. There were numerous brickwork joints which had failed and required the removal and reapplication of joint sealants.

Culver Street

After: Fully Protected Decks With Mesh Panel Infills

Culver Street

After: Light & Bright Interior Improvements

Culver Street

After: Replacement Expansion Joint