Earls Court

Earls Court

Client: Earls Court
Role: Principal Contractor


  • Render repairs and coatings


  • Rendered panels on front elevation of exhibition centre
  • Panels hammer-tested
  • Defective render removed
  • Specialist polymer render applied to panels
  • Decorative/protective paint coating applied

For many years Earls Court Ltd has been a long term client of Cemplas Waterproofing and Concrete Repairs Ltd who have undertaken various multi-disciplined repair projects at this landmark building by providing cost-effective solutions, together with the necessary expertise and quality of service demanded by Earls Court.

Earls Court

Cemplas are used to working closely with Earls Court’s own in-house engineers and surveyors agreeing the specifications and methods to undertake varied works, and especially the access to some building elements which are often demanding. Over the years Cemplas have supplied specialist access to undertake works, as careful consideration has had to be adopted for working amongst members of public and staff.

Recently Cemplas were called in to inspect and provide a quotation for render repairs and coatings to the rendered panels on the front elevation of the exhibition centre. Cemplas provided a lump sum quotation and were appointed to undertake the works as principle contractor.

Due to the location of the failed render, it was agreed the most cost effective manner to undertake the works was by Industrial Rope Access.

Cemplas have further flexibility and capacity through our network of associated contractors where our work together is often based on the demands of specific projects. This strategy of in-house staff, and collaborative arrangements is key in an industry of limited resources and often unpredictable programmes enabling us to maintain the quality, delivery and service expected by our clients. The panels were hammer tested and defective render removed, and re-instated with a specialist polymer render, followed by a decorative/protective paint coating to match the existing colour.

Since 1969 Cemplas have been operating as a specialist contractor and have both the capacity and resources to undertake projects in excess of £1m together with a Management Structure capable of running multi-disciplined projects incorporating a wide variety of trade activities.

Earls Court
Earls Court