High Street, Bracknell


Client: Bracknell Forest Council
Role: Principal Contractor


  • Concrete Repair
  • Deck Waterproofing
  • Corrosion Control
  • Line Marking
  • Anti-Carbonation Coatings


  • 120m² of concrete repairs
    4500m² of deck waterproofing
    Soffits, columns & walls protected with
    anti-carbonation coatings
    Reinstate line marking and directional instructions

The scope of this refurbishment project was to repair and re-waterproof the lower split levels of the ‘waffle pot’ multi-storey car park, carrying out both concrete deck repairs and to replace deck coatings that were at the end of serviceable life.

High Street Bracknell

Before: Failed Decking


Before: Damaged and Dark Interiors


Before: Corroding Decks

Some 4,500m2 of parking deck – over 3 levels – were prepared by captive shot blast to remove existing coatings and to enable concrete repairs to be carried out. Following repairs to approx.. 120m2 of the exposed substrate, Sika’s partially reinforced RB28 deck waterproofing system was applied throughout in contrasting colours. In doing so, it allowed a for a pedestrian walkway to be created for the users of the car park. All line marking and instructions were also replaced.

Our package of works included the installation of corrosion control measures including the applying anti-carbonation coatings to the soffits, columns and beams. All 3 levels were completed within 12 weeks and in phased possessions to allow the continued use of the car park during works.


After: Fully Waterproofed Decks


After: Light & Bright Interior Improvements


After: Fully Protected Car Parks