Olympia Roof

Olympia Roof

Client: Olympia Exhibition Centre
Role: Principle Contractor


  • Waterproofing


  • Waterproof coating to over 1300m2 of 60-year-old asphalt flat roof
  • Resin based ‘clear’ system applied over glazed sections and glazing bars

Formed in 1969, Cemplas Waterproofing and Concrete Repairs Limited have over the last 15 years been associated with maintaining the integrity of the internal and external elements, of both Earls Court and Olympia.

Olympia Roof

Cemplas surveyors are used to working closely with Olympia and Earls Court own in house Structural Engineer and Surveying teams providing cost effective solutions, together with the necessary expertise, and quality of service Cemplas are known for.

The work undertaken by Cemplas, required applying Liquid Plastics Omega 15 Waterproof coating to over 1300m2 of a 60-year-old asphalt flat roof. This had a degree of difficulty in having to continue the membrane under a series of obstructions placed on the roof over the years, such as air conditioning units, service pipes, and various fixings.

In addition to the flat roof waterproofing, and in some ways far more challenging, Cemplas waterproofed the original glazed dome roof above the exhibition hall.

The glazed dome which has leaked over the years, was due to be completely re-glazed at an enormous cost, but with expert advice from Cemplas, and the technical input from Liquid Plastics, a far more economic resin based ‘clear’ system manufactured by Liquid Plastics was applied over the glazed sections and glazing bars.

The project involved Cemplas developing its own access arrangements (manufactured platforms) and careful consideration had to be adopted for working amongst members of public and staff.

Knowledge and experience form the basis of the company’s success, and Cemplas have both the capacity and resources to undertake projects in excess of £1m, and have a Management Structure capable of running multi-disciplined projects incorporating a wide variety of trade activities by directly-employed, skilled and fully trained qualified operatives.

Olympia Roof