Sainsbury’s Distribution

Sainsbury's Distribution

Client: Bowmer & Kirkland
Role: Specialist Sub-contractor


  • Concrete Repair


  • £100,000 contract
  • Grinding 1895lm of cracks in floor slab to width and depth of 7mm and repairing with Webber E.P
  • Replacing 1033lm of old failed joint sealant with Arbokol two-part epoxy polysulphide sealant
  • Removal of over 13,000 redundant bolts in floor slab

The supermarket giant Sainsbury’s sponsor of the Paralympics Summer Games in London 2012, moved into two large buildings that formerly housed the distribution arm of Woolworths to create two new Sainsbury distribution centre’s. Sainsbury’s supply chain now operates from 13 regional distribution centre’s (RDCs), with two national distribution centre’s for slower moving goods, and two frozen food facilities.

Sainsbury's Distribution

The sites based at Greenford Park Industrial estate, and Marsh Leys Distribution Park at Kempston total in excess of 82,000 sq m of floor space, and will provide 500 plus new jobs.

The Marsh Leys site represented the only major distribution warehouse of its size in the South East of England, and both sites are now fully operational by Sainsbury’s supporting its growing store network across the region.

Prior to Sainsbury’s occupying the sites various extensive remedial works were required. Formed in 1969 Cemplas who have previously undertaken many varied repair and waterproofing projects for Sainsbury’s Supermarkets Ltd demonstrating no job is to big, too small, or outside of their specialist capability’s were awarded the £100,000 contract by Bowmer & Kirkland who were the main contractor for both sites.

The work to both sites required Cemplas grinding 1895lm of cracks in the floor slab to a width and depth of 7mm and repairing with Webber E.P and replacing 1033lm of old failed joint sealant with Arbokol two-part epoxy polysulphide sealant.

Cemplas were also tasked with the removal of over 13,000 redundant bolts in the floor slab. Once the bolts had been removed these areas were repaired with an epoxy resin mortar, and careful grinding of the floor to FM2 tolerances was carried out to receive the new racking aisles. Scabbled floor areas were also cut out and repaired along with the door thresholds.

Operating as a specialist, Cemplas have both the capacity and resources to undertake projects in excess of £1m; and have a Management Structure capable of running multi-disciplined projects incorporating a wide variety of trade activities, as well as the ones in which we specialise and undertake ourselves.

Sainsbury's Distribution