Victoria Palace Theatre

Victoria Palace Theatre

Client: 8Build Ltd
Role: Specialist Sub-Contractor


  • Design of the Waterproofing works
  • Cavity Drainage
  • Waterproof Render


  • Delta MS400/MS20 Cavity Drainage system
  • Sika1 Waterproof Render
  • Sikadur Combiflex joint detail

The scope of this refurbishment was to design and install the below-ground waterproofing works to the illustrious Victoria Palace Theatre in London’s West End. 

Cavity Drainage Installation

In Progress: Cavity Drainage Installation

Orchestra Pit Reconstruction

In Progress: Orchestra Pit Reconstruction

Works to Marchants Bar

In Progress: Works to Marchants Bar

Due to the timing of the opening of the smash hit musical ‘Hamilton’, Cemplas had to design and install a waterproofing system that could be delivered both within budget and an ambitious 15-week programme; there was simply no scope for delays.

Delta cavity membranes were applied to the walls and floors across a range of different areas including the comms and plant rooms as well as the Orchestra Pit and below the stage itself. Sika 1 waterproof render was also applied to a range of areas including WC’s, bars and the theatre’s main boiler room. RIW’s Bituthene 4000 was applied to a range of areas to complement the overall waterproofing design.

Cavity Drainage System to Walls

In Progress: Cavity Drainage System to Walls

Highly Congested Site

In Progress: Highly Congested Site

Sika 1 Render & Screed

In Progress: Sika 1 Render & Screed