Water Street MSCP, Wigan

Client: Greenmount Projects Ltd
Role: Specialist Sub-Contractor


  • Substrate Repair
  • Reinforcement Banding
    Deck Waterproofing
    Line Marking


  • Town centre car park
  • Split-level structure, comprising of 2 separate decks
    2,258m2 of parking decks and ramps re-waterproofed
    Reinstatement of line marking and instructions throughout

The scope of this refurbishment was to repair and re-waterproof the split-level top deck of this multi-storey car park, the existing waterproof coatings had cracked, allowing vegetation to grow within, while large portions were debonding due to age and coming to the end of its serviceable life.

Before: Dark & Unwelcoming Environment 

Before: Existing Waterproof Coating Debonding

Before: Vegetation Growth Through Cracks

The upstands around the perimeter of the top decks and the drainage channel on level 11, had slumped and rippled due to heat generated by the sun. These area’s of failed asphalt were removed and repaired using CPG’s MMA resin mortar, because of excessive water contained beneath the existing asphalt, near the drainage channel, an alternative repair mortar was used to build the substrate up to the correct height.

While these repairs were taking place, the top decks and ramps were prepared by polyplaning and captive blasting to remove the failed coatings and any contaminants. Flowcrete’s Deckshield Rapide EDP was applied to the 2,258m2 top deck and ramps incorporating reinforcement banding to the previously cracked and slumped areas to increase the crack bridging capabilities of the waterproofing system. Due to the thermal properties of the asphalt, a mid-grey colour was chosen to prevent these areas from failing again.

With a full closure in place for the top deck, the refurbishment was completed in 7 weeks despite the weather conditions for the time of year the scheme was undertaken.

After: Fully Protected Decks

After: Light & Bright Exterior Improvements

After: Application Of New Line Markings