Grand Central MSCP, Birmingham

WHAT A PROJECT – but nothing the Cemplas team can’t handle!

Our team are re-profiling EVERY RAMP in the Grand Central MSCP in Birmingham – spread over 11 levels in total!

Our extensive programme includes;

Chainage marked on the deck for the precise mm of concrete to be removed.
Tonnes of concrete to be removed via hydro demolition.
Blended areas to be created to ensure a robust and technically sound tie into existing levels.
A parapet extension added (steel cage, shuttered, poured) to make safer pedestrian zones at the top and bottom of each ramp – fixed through the deck with a baseplate detail to withstand the impact loads
New raised kerbs formed using fast cure mortars.
Laser cut screed rails fixed and check (& checked again!) to our site QA process
Approx. 10,000 bags of Sika Screed Hardtop 60 to be installed
Sika RB58 car decking system installed to all ramps and upstands and blended from old to new

We’ll post some more progress shots as the works continue…..