Have you finalised your Winter CPD Programme yet?

CPD Training

Have you finalised your Winter CPD Programme?

Our CPD’s take a technical solution approach to our specialist refurbishment subjects in which we cover a number of important topics relating to building refurbishment including:

Understanding Reinforced Concrete Structures Defects✅
Structural Repair and Protection of Building Facades✅
Movement & Expansion Joints in Structures✅
Managing Risks in Flat-Roof Re-Waterproofing ✅
Lifecare Planning for Structures✅
Design and Technical Considerations for Resin Flooring

We currently have availability over the next couple of months to come to you so if you would like us to present one of the above subjects, please call 020 8654 3149 or email grace.roden@cemplas.co.uk

CPD Training