Ealing Broadway MSCP – Entrance & Exit Ramp

Client: CBRE
Role: Principal Contractor


  • Concrete Repair
    Self-Levelling Mortar
    Deck Waterproofing


  • Shopping centre car park
    In excess of 320m2 of walkways and entry and exit ramps re-waterproofed
    Westwood’s fully reinforced Wecryl waterproofing system

The scope of this refurbishment was to replace the existing waterproofing system as it was allowing water ingress into the retail units below one of the entrance and exit ramps.

Before: Water Ingress Into Retail Units Below

Before: Damage To Existing Waterproofing System & Asphalt

During: Removal Of Asphalt To The Cementitious Structure

The asphalt underneath the waterproofing system – which had come to the end of its serviceable life – had become displaced from where cars had been parked upon entry, with damage and slumping to the asphalt around the kerbs, leading to the water ingress.

Following the removal of the asphalt, planing and captive blasting was used to the prepare substrate and ensure all imperfections were levelled off and repaired while the drainage outlets and channels were lowered to the new height.

A self-levelling mortar was applied to build up and feather out the difference in height between the new waterproofing system and the existing asphalt while still following the existing falls within the cementitious structure.

Westwood’s Wecryl waterproofing system which has crack-bridging, joint-bridging, trafficable and slip-resistant properties was applied to the entrance and exit ramp and pedestrian walkways of the Oaks Road entrance to this shopping centre ensuring the structure beneath became watertight.

During: The Build Up & Feather Out Of The Height Difference

After: Watertight Waterproofing Finish

After: Application Of Vibrant New Line Markings