Erith Primary School

Client: Anderson Group
Role: Specialist Sub-Contractor


  • Hot Melt Waterproofing


  • Rooftop of a ground floor car park
    Waterproofing to some 3,600m2 to podium deck roof slab
    IKO Ecowrap PermaTEC hot melt waterproofing system

The scope of this project was to waterproof the podium deck roof slab which was constructed 4 years ago with a ground floor car park, used by the school’s staff, underneath.

Before: Exposed & Unprotected Decks

Before: Podium Concrete Deck Above A Car Park

During: Application of Hot Melt Waterproofing Layer

Due to the 4 years which had passed with the concrete slab roof being unprotected and exposed, bonding tests were conducted to ensure the material and concrete had bonded sufficiently to guarantee there would be no water ingress into the car park below and that the concrete was suitable to be laid upon. The roof was cleaned of any dust and/or debris before a quick drying primer was applied to not only prepare the deck but to enhance the bond of the membrane and concrete substrate.

This was followed by the application of IKO’s Ecowrap PermaTEC hot melt waterproofing system to over some 3,600m2 with a sand face capping sheet used to cover the main deck with mineral felt being used on the exposed upstands. This robust system created a completely seamless, fully reinforced waterproofing layer to the insitu concrete slab with a service entry and 12 drains.

The overall project will finish by the end of the year with the installation of an artificial all weather sports surface over our structural waterproofing system for the use of the school and the local community. Our works were completed within 5 weeks and within our clients budget.

During: Sand Faced Capping Sheet Installation

After: Ready For Installation Of A Sports Pitch

After: Fully Protected & Waterproofed Podium Roof