Oshwal Temple, Potters Bar

Client: Saloria Architects
Role: Specialist Sub-Contractor


  • Liquid-Applied Re-Waterproofing


  • Temple roof
  • Re-waterproofing to existing 300m2 screed substrate
  • Centaurs PU warm roof system with insulation and vapour control layer

The scope of this refurbishment was to re-waterproof the roof which was suffering from water ingress into the intricate temple below.

During: Removal Of Existing Waterproofing System

During: Warm Roof Insulation & Vapour Control Layer

During: Reinstatement Of Stone Structures

The temple is set within 70 acres of countryside and is a traditional load-bearing sandstone and marble structure which had been hand-carved in India by over 200 stone masters. Upon examination of the existing waterproofing system, it was noted that there was no vapour control layer allowing the insulation to become saturated due to the water ingress.

Before the roof could be stripped back to the screed substrate, the stone structures and dome tiles had to be carefully removed in sections and securely stored to protect them from any unwanted damage while works were taking place.

Prior to the application of Centaur’s PU Warm Roof system including Centech’s SA Carrier membrane, a tapered insulation was implemented, enabling water to drain effectively ensuring there would be no issues with ponding water. Whilst enhancing the temples thermal performance.

The waterproofing system was applied seamlessly to the roof before quartz sand was scattered into the domes waterproofing layer allowing it to them be rendered so that the domes tiles and stone structures could be reinstated.

During: Application Of Centaur’s PU Waterproofing System

After: Fully Protected Warm Roof

After: Waterproofing Temple Roof & Dome