Kent Science Park

Kent Science Park

Client: Magenta Projects
Role: Specialist Sub-Contractor


  • Liquid-Applied Re-waterproofing


  • Commercial Office Roof
  • Re-waterproofing to existing 2,000m2 mineral felt roof
  • Failed laps & joints to existing mineral felt

The scope of this warm-roof refurbishment was to re-waterproof the existing leaking mineral felt roof covering including localised blister repairs.

Outgassing Blisters

Before: Outgassing Blisters

Ponding Issues

Before: Ponding Issues

Failed Existing Mineral Felt Roof

Before: Failed Existing Mineral Felt Roof

The existing mineral felt membrane was both damaged and had a series of of leaks via failed lap joints. Outgassing blisters also required repair on the upper plant roof. Following these localised repairs, Kemper’s V210 Waterproofing system was installed with a 50mm insulation over the existing repaired membrane on both the upper plant room roof and the main roof totaling some 2,000m2.

Included in our package of works was the removal and replacement of the existing aluminium and timber edge trims carried out with our operatives harnessed into a man-safe fall-arrest system for safe working at height.

All works were carried out while maintaining the stringent COVID-19 safety measures to ensure the safety of all on site including any other trades.

Cold Liquid-Applied Application

After: Cold, Liquid-Applied Application

Watertight Overlay of Roof

After: Watertight Overlay of Roof

100% Seamless & Watertight Application

After: 100% Seamless & Watertight Application