Screed Strengtheners

Polymer Modified Floor Screeding

Screed Strengtheners are ultra low viscosity blended polymer liquids with excellent penetrating properties designed for use on floor screeds which are dusty and friable to improve the surface.


Revives poor screed surfaces
Improves resistance to oil and petrol on surfaces subject to vehicle traffic

To use as a screed reviver:

Ensuring that the surface to be treated is dry and remove as much loose and friable matter is from the surface by brushing, sweeping or vacuum and abrade the surface by light wire brushing to achieve as sound a surface as possible

Apply the screed strengthener by brush, broom, roller or nonatomising spray to achieve total surface saturation and allow to dry

Apply further coats until no more is absorbed; effectiveness will improve with each application, and depending upon the porosity of the substrate it will have absorbed into the surface within 10–20 minutes.

It is important not over treat as this may cause surface glazing.


A screed strengthener is designed and able to turn a bad surface into a better surface; it cannot create a good surface from bad, but the treated surfaces will be capable of withstanding marginally higher levels of wear and abrasion.

Screed strengtheners are often applied on to surfaces which ideally should otherwise be removed or replaced and where proper surface preparation is not possible.

Screed Strengtheners should only be used to seal internal screed surfaces.

Due to the nature and use of these products it is not possible to quote coverage Rates, but as a guide when used as a screed reviver on to a surface with low porosity, coverage will be approximately 8-10m2 per litre per coat.

Health & Safety

Many screed strengtheners are water based and non-hazardous and do not create a safety risk, however standard protective clothing such as gloves and goggles should be worn.