Specialist Floors

Specialist Floors

Resin-based flooring is often perceived as being very industrial and functional. In other words, used as a tough protective surface in harsh performance environments such as manufacturing industry where it might be exposed to chemical or abrasive attack, point-loading damage or extremes of temperature such as the food manufacturing industry for steam cleaning and decontamination.

In more recent years however, we have seen the introduction of resin-based floors being used to introduce and improve decorative and aesthetic effect. This growth has been most prevalent in sectors such as education & teaching, hospitals and healthcare where designers have looked to replace industrial-type finishes with those that are not only more aesthetically pleasing but also more comfortable underfoot.

A good example of this is the ‘Comfort Floor’ concept introduced by some of the leading manufacturers of resin-based flooring systems. In essence, they have created cold, liquid-applied versions of vinyl sheeting floor systems. Not only are these being used to great aesthetic effect but being liquid-applied, it provides a completely seamless floor finish.

Seam-free floor finishes have the primary advantage over sheet systems in as much as they do not have any joins meaning that the floor surface is easier to keep clean. Additionally, it is less likely to develop trip hazards, a negative feature of vinyl sheet systems which often delaminate in these areas leading to health & safety issues and unfortunately sometimes culminating in personal injury claims.

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